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The Cookbook: "Cooking in Africa"

"Cooking in Africa: A culinary tour with 230 recipes". This is the 2nd cookbook from Phebe Ndam featuring a wide variety of recipes from around Africa. From soups, stews and sauces to vegetarian and rice dishes Finger Foods, Appetizers, Meat, Poultry and Fish Dishes and of course, many special dishes featuring unique African ingredients.


Also in the cookbook are useful tips and information on some of those special ingredients highly relevant to several special dishes, as well as helpful tips on preservation and storage. There is also an entire chapter on condiments as well as some suggestions for menus, buffets and great combinations for an entire feast.


Finally, the glossary section helps you to look up important but rare ingredients and more western oriented options that they can be replaced with.

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Right now the cookbook is only available in German. Stay tuned for announcements about the English version coming soon.