About Gourmet Feasts

Gourmet Feasts is a boutique food services enterprise that delivers the unique essence of African Cuisine. Be it an order from the selection of our tasteful dishes or the entire gala of a catered event, we are sure to please. At its heart, Gourmet Feasts is a culinary experience of the rich variety and delectable foods from Africa. Phebe Ndam, the brainchild behind the operation, has skillfully carved out this niche and developed a renowned food services business in Europe that now includes several facets.

Our Services

For prices and more information please contact us. We will be delighted to learn more about your event and share with you how we can make it a memorable time for you and your guests.

Catering is the main business around which Gourmet Feasts is built on. Most of the catered events feature a majority of African Dishes, but also a variety of other foods upon request. Apart from catering services Gourmet Feasts also offers African Food Events at a restaurant (The Restaurant Experience), Cooking Classes for Children and Adults, Cooking Workshops, Party Service-you order and pick up African Food Tours at local markets
and food shops as well as cookbooks.

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The African Food Experience

African food is a combination of authentic traditional and contemporary cuisines in Africa as reflected by the diversity of the continent's people and cultures. With this wide variety of options and styles, each event will showcase the diverse culinary delights of African food. Gourmet Feasts African Catering will take advantage of the rich heritage of African cooking in bringing you and your guests a unique, delightful and memorable catered event.


About Phebe Ndam

Phebe Ndam is the author of two cookbooks( Die kunst der Afrikanische kuche and Kochen in Afrika) She's lectured on African food and culture and has been teaching African cooking and workshops since 1992. As a member of a number of women's groups she has been very involved in the planning, organizing ,cooking and entertainment for their many fund raising events.


Dear Phebe, Thanks for the delicious food and your wonderful spirit. It was a pleasure for me to work with you.

Verena Schaduaer, Catering Client

Phebe, Indeed it was a good party. First of all because of your excellent food and presentation. Everybody commented very positively.

Dagmar Baldwin, Catering Client